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We are here!

Well, we've made it to Maine!

We arrived yesterday afternoon and finally saw all the teams and volunteers that we havent connected with along the way.  We had a wonderful drive in from Vermont that wound us through farming communities and winding roads.

It was nice to have an hour or so to catch up on laundry and rest a bit before heading out to Gritty McDuff's Brew Pub last night for a welcome dinner.  What a great night!  We got a chance to meet some of the Mainers who have been cheering us along our route AND i was lucky enough to meet and get to chat with Laura Davis about the film, the ride and the connections between all of us involved. Thanks to Gritty's for letting us take over the back part of the bar and behave like only 50 Canadians can behave!!

This morning I can barely contain my excitement as we leave in 30 minutes to ride into Lewiston where my younger son Keland and mother-in-law will be waiting to greet us.

I want to give a huge thanks to my team for being so wonderful along the way.

Andrew for always being cheerful and positive even when the rest of us were grumpy and tired.  Scott for his quiet help along the way, he could always tell when I was getting overwhelmed and stepped in to offer tips and a sense of calm to the team.  Kathryn for her boistrous personality that embraces everything head on with the attitude that nothing can get in her way or stop her from achieving what she has set out to do.  Martha for making sure that all of us ate properly and drank (water) on a regular basis. She had a way of making each one of us feel loved and cared for AND she kept us laughing with her witty comments and comebacks at the least expected moments.  Gwen for taking on the challenge last year to embark on what is the journey of a lifetime.  She kept me going, challenged me when I needed to be challenged, hugged me when i needed to be hugged and gave me all the support that only a sister who has known you all your life can give.  I love you Gwen!  And Shane for being the best partner, sounding board, and support network I could have had.  He knows me so well that he can look at me and know what I am thinking and when I need a laugh, a cry, a hug, to be left alone, and to be told off.

I've had the best trip and it is all due to the wonderful people who have shared my life for the past 8 days.  I love you all, you feel like family and that is the best feeling I could have at the end of this adventure.  And what an adventure it has been,



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