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Team Scotty

Last September cancer took Scott Matheson away from his family and friends at only 43 years of age. Scott made an impact on many lives as a coach, best friend, volunteer, and of course as a partner and father to his beloved wife and two teenage children. Scotty had a magical ability to win over anyone the instant he met them, with just a flash of his smile and crinkling of his big blue eyes. There is a long list of people who call Scotty their best friend.

One of the goals Scott set while living with cancer was to participate in a cycling event to raise funds in support of fighting cancer and supporting those living with cancer. Team Scotty will carry out and complete this goal for him on this September 10 by participating in the Cancervive ride in support of a Wellspring Calgary. We learned last year just how difficult a cancer journey can be, not only for the individual but for their caregivers and families as well. Wellspring Calgary fills a critical role in our community and deserves all the support we can provide.

In August, Team Scotty rekindled a golf tournament that Scott and his wife Shannon had put on for 10 years, raising nearly $100,000 for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation in the process. This year, all of the proceeds will go towards Wellspring Calgary!

On September 10, eleven members of Team Scotty ages 12 through 54 will complete the Cancervive ride in memory of Scott. Both of Scotty’s brothers-in-law, as well as his oldest child, will complete the ride on bikes that were Scotty’s.

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