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Close to home

Years ago, my Mom was diagnosed with Melanoma.

I remember learning about Wellspring then and made an appt to take my Mom to your Calgary location to tour around. I was so impressed. The facility was in great condition, the staff were amazing and the list of programs was very great! Sadly, my Mom never engaged your services, that broke my heart a little.

Maybe my Mom didn't want to share things with us (her family) but my hope was that she would find some comfort in the support that Wellspring offered. My Mom passed away in Jan 2011.

In Sept 2021, my brother was diagnosed with Leukemia. From diagnosis to treatment start was 24 hours, they moved fast. His journey was rough, right out of the gate! Almost two years later, he is still with us and living each day. I keep reminding him to enjoy the little everyday things! He and his family have used the services at Wellspring and for that I am grateful.

Grateful that they could all seek out some support that treated their minds and souls and not so much the cancer.

Thank you so much for all that you do!

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