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  • Peggy Brosens

Wellspring Pedal Pusher

Peggy Brosens is deeply rooted in her Wellspring Calgary family and feels especially fortunate to have played a role in helping Wellspring Calgary’s co-founders bring their dream of a cancer support organization to fruition, back in 2006.

“I started working with John Stephure (Wellspring Calgary co-founder) in January of 2004 when Wellspring was still just a vision – one he was very focused on. He had done all kinds of research and gone east to tour Wellspring Centres. Having cancer himself, he experienced the lack of non-medical supports and services and he felt strongly that Calgary needed to provide this for people living with cancer,” said Peggy.

As John’s personal assistant, Peggy had a front row seat to the vision unfolding, including the partnership formed between the three Wellspring Calgary co-founders, John, Rita Egizii and Barbara Cunnings; the environmental scans; Board selection and the hiring of the first Executive Director, Patti Morris; and site discussions. She was in the picture when Wellspring Calgary opened its doors in rented space in Parkdale in 2007, and she was on hand, and lending a hand, as Carma House was being built in 2008.

“I still have such regret that John didn’t get to see the finished Carma House. He went into hospital the night before the Grand Opening on June 11, 2009. Sadly, he passed away eighteen days later. It was almost as though – once his dream was up and running and he knew it was in good hands, he could relax and let go,” said Peggy.

After John passed, Peggy started working at Wellspring Calgary in a variety of roles; first as Donations Coordinator and later as Administrative Coordinator and currently she holds the position of Data Manager. While her job has many facets, her primary focus is processing memberships, maintaining GameTime (Wellspring’s program registration system), and compiling monthly and yearly stats for the organization’s reporting requirements.

“I love my job. I can’t imagine working with better people and I really believe in all that we do,” said Peggy.

Cancervive Commitment

In addition to her longstanding commitment to Wellspring and its vision, Peggy is equally passionate about Cancervive – a non-profit organization formed in 2005, with the sole purpose of raising funds for Wellspring in Alberta through an annual cycling tour.

“Brian McGregor, who was on the Wellspring Board at the time, was the force behind Cancervive. It started out as a multi-day peloton ride down to the U.S., but over time, it has changed to shorter rides in Alberta and BC. Last year and this year it has been a one-day cycle event, making it more appealing and more accessible to any caliber of rider, including those who are living with cancer and maybe even in treatment,” said Peggy.

Peggy has been involved with Cancervive in an administrative role since 2008, and she planned her first event in 2009 for the ride to San Jose. In the beginning, she would watch from the sidelines with amazement and intrigue.

“I was not a seasoned cyclist, but joining the volunteer team for the 2010 ride to Austin, Texas, I was so moved by the spirit, the energy, and the camaraderie I witnessed, I knew I wanted to get in on the action!” she said. “So in 2011, I bought myself a road bike for my 40th birthday and started training.” Subsequently, Peggy participated in the 2011 peloton to Austin and the 2012 peloton to Maine. Since then she has continued to play a pivotal role in the planning, and has cycled in two more Cancervive events.

Since inception, Cancervive has raised a remarkable $2.7 million for Wellspring Calgary.

“I encourage anyone to join this ride! You will love the people, the spirit and the fun, and you get to show your support for those living with cancer and their families!” she said.

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